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NFUMC Survey

FROM: Newnan First United Methodist Education & Communication Group

PURPOSE: To learn a little bit more about our church in the midst of transition. NFUMC is entering into a time of leadership transition and it is helpful to learn a little about the congregation’s feelings, excitements, and concerns. This will help us to learn how Jesus and God are leading us into the future and to know how to pray and care for each other going forward.

While we encourage you to write more than less, know that there is no such thing as a right or wrong answer in this format, and no answer is too long or too short. We encourage you to sit with these questions and really share your heart and mind in these answers. 

Again, the purpose of this exercise is information gathering. Know that we ask for your name only to know who has filled it out. We will not connect names with answers, so be as honest as you would like to be. If you would prefer to fill out a paper form, the link to download one below.

Who is conducting and reviewing this?

Our Education and Communication Committee, formed through the Church Council, has been tasked with educating our church membership on what goes on locally and Globally with our church. If we do not know what you care to be educated on, or lack information on, or want MORE information on, than we cannot be efficient or effective with our task.

Who will see my name/information?

The information will be stored as entered/filled out, and your name will not be linked to your answers when the data is reviewed.

Why Now?

We have many leadership changes coming up in our church. It will be helpful for them to get a survey of the makeup of our membership, how they are serving/attending, and what they hope for in the future.

What is our hoped-for outcome?

That everyone will at least fill out the portion letting us know what you care most about and hope to see for the future of our church. This will help with setting our priorities and new vision statements. It will also help direct and prioritize any missions and ministries leadership in the church decides to pursue. Even if you do not have answers to every question on there, please tell us you’re here! Answer the demographic/attendance questions at the top and return the paper. We would love to have EVERYONE attending return this to us.

How can I fill it out and return it?

There is a page on our website in the menu titled SURVEY. From there, you can fill out the electronic copy OR download a paper copy. Paper copies are also available in the Narthex, outside of the main church office, and in your Sunday School classrooms. Collection boxes for the paper copies are in the Narthex and outside of the church office. If you mail it in, simply c/o SURVEY and it will go straight into the box unopened.


How long are you conducting the survey?

May 8 – May 22

What happens next?

It is our intention to hold prayer times in the chapel throughout the summer for anyone who is interested to pray for our church and any concerns that come up from these surveys. Stay tuned for information about this – all are welcome! We are still working on how to evaluate the individual answers. That question will be hard to answer until we see what comes back to us.


If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please email Rev. Andrew Chappell at

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