Happy Kids Huddle

2-year-olds (room 9 in the Parish Hall): Our main objective with children this age is that they come to know that the church is a safe and loving environment and that God loves them. With provided lessons, music, and storybooks, they can thrive in Sunday School. The church gives a Bible to each child on Promotion Sunday. They will use this Bible in Sunday School to support the lessons they learn.


2s & 3s meet in Room 7 in the bottom floor of the Parish Hall.

Pre-K (4s) & Kindergarten meet in Room 213 in the Education Building.

1st & 2nd Grades meet in room 207 in the Education Building.

3rd & 4th Grades meet in room 210 in the Education Building.

5th & 6th Grades meet in room 209 in the Education Building.

Following Confirmation Sunday, 6th Grade will meet in the Youth Lounge.


Pre-K thru 2nd grade: These children meet for a combined 10-minute praise & worship assembly in the Chapel at the end of Sunday School.

Happy Teens

Sunday Mornings 9:45-10:40am | UTH Lounge | Grades 6-12

Sunday School is a great opportunity to start your week with your church family learning about how to live a life that follows Jesus. We have a class for Middle School students and a class for High School students. 6th graders start out meeting with the 5th graders in August until they are confirmed on Confirmation Sunday in January. At that time they begin meeting with the 7th & 8th graders in the Youth Lounge. There are two veteran teachers that lead the classes with phenomenal lessons and conversations.

Bible discussion group

Becoming part of a Sunday School class will give you:

  • A caring home-base within the congregation;

  • Opportunities to learn more about the Bible, faith, and the church;

  • A place to nurture growth in the relationships you care about: With God, with your family, with friends, and with the world you live in.

Come make yourself at home in a Sunday School class!


Henry Kitchens Class (room 203 in the Education Building):

Enjoys Bible study through the use of the International Lesson Series with an informal lecture/discussion format. It's a large class with an average of 40 in attendance. They also meet several times a year for social events and have become well known in the community for their Scholarship Fund given to high school seniors.


Seekers Class (2nd floor of the Annex Building):

An informal group with ages around 40 and up. They enjoy the fellowship and the study of Christian teachings as they apply to everyday life.


Polly Crowley Adult Study Group (room 200 in the Education Building):

A class that enjoys the intimacy of a small group setting, but are always happy to include new members. This class enjoys studying the Bible through a great variety of teachers and styles of teaching.


Friendship Class (room 201 in the Education Building):

A class that uses an informal lecture/discussion format. They are in the middle to upper age range and discuss a variety of Bible-based topics.


Agape Class (2nd floor of the Annex Building):

An informal group with ages around 40 and up who enjoy much discussion related to Bible study and other studies that deal with different aspects of Christian living.


Christians Seeking Christ Class (2nd floor of the Annex Building):

This class will appeal to all adults, single or married. The age range is mid-30s to mid-50s. Class participants are interested in relating the teachings of Christ to our daily lives, both at home and at work.


Faith & Fellowship Class (under the Sanctuary):

Another class for middle-aged adults who look to give Christian support to each other through love, prayers, fellowship, and learning. They have a discussion-based class and encourage everyone to share their ideas as they search for God's truths together.


Khevreh Class (2nd floor of the Annex Building):

This class is aimed at our youngest adults in the upper 20s to 30s. Lessons are discussion based around topics relevant to those in that age range - marriage, parenting, discipleship, and faith among others. Material changes often, giving a lot of variety to the studies and styles of teaching. No matter if you are single, married, or with/without children, you'll fit right in! We also have a lot of fun outside of class.


Life in the Spirit Class (2nd floor of the Annex Building):

Focuses on how God's Spirit enables believers and the church to be authentic witnesses, to accomplish effective ministry, and to walk in the power and authority that Jesus promised. All ages are welcome.