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Ongoing Mission Project


As we all know, Newnan was recently hit by an EF-4 tornado. The response of the community was inspiring. Our church has had many volunteers, some with chainsaws and others to help remove debris. There have also been many well trained and organized UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) teams deployed. As the clean-up continues, volunteers will be needed for the foreseeable future to help the community rebuild. The need for recovery teams will be starting soon and may take a year or more to help rebuild/repair homes that were damaged.


This is our call to action. 


We are looking for people to form our own Newnan First UMCOR group which will consist of trained ERT (Early Response Team) and Long-Term Recovery Team volunteers. 


  • ERT teams provide clean-up and remediation (i.e., tarping roofs, mucking out flooded houses, chainsaw team). 

  • Recovery teams assist with rebuilding (i.e., roofing, siding, flooring, sheet rocking, other general construction needs).


Our objective is to gather volunteers and start with safety and skill building workshops then achieve ERT training when it is available. We feel having trained volunteers will keep us SAFE and make us more effective. Anyone willing to work and in good health can be a valuable asset to a team.


Once we have an ERT/Recovery Team in place at our church, this will allow us to respond with trained individuals available on short notice to assist with needs in our local area and beyond. We may be called on to assist UMCOR (be an UMCOR team) when they become involved in areas that are affected by natural disasters; hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and fires. UMCOR teams, are known to be one of the first groups to arrive and the last to leave.


Please prayerfully consider volunteering for this much needed mission. Not only are you helping someone in need, you will also be nourishing your spirit.

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